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It seems that every little group of people have their secrets.  Theres always someone who knows that there are some things you just don't talk about, no matter how obviouse or pressing it may be, you just keep quiet because of the akwardness of it.  Everywhere you look their are giant pink elephants looming over people.  And they pretend not to notice.  So its odd, when someone finally does say something, because all of a sudden the elephant is sitting right there inbetween them, giant and pink and smiling because it feels loved, acknowledged.  And everyone can see it.
I figure that somewhere inbetween all the things I say, some of them gotta make sense.  I didn't think about this until i decided i wanted to get a lipring, and probably alot of people have already figured it out, and someone very smart has already introduced the theory to the world, but I figure, just in case, i'll write it down.

Like I said, I started thinking about this when I decided to get a lipring.  I know its going to hurt, and i've been trying to figure out how to avoid that.  Its unavoidable of course, but I figured that, if someone hit me really hard right after the needle went through, it wouldn't hurt as much.  It would still hurt, but it would be a dull hurt.  It goes like this.  When your hurt, if you hit yourself in another area, even if its not an equal pain, the body, the nerves, focuse on the new pain, because it has to defend you from it, so the old pain is forgotten, numbed.  Its still going to hurt, but being hit somewhere else cushions the pain.  It makes perfect sense, and if you think about it, or test it, it does work.
Its been an awfully long time since I last wrote a journal.  I've added some new things, mostly just random tags, but it kept me entertained.  A lot has happened in the months that I havn't been writing, and theres no enough time to go over it all, so we'll stick to the random basics.  Im back in school, and hating it.  I also went to ozzfest yesterday, which was awsome, although brutely hot, and very expensive, but on the whole it was worth every penny.  Not too much has been happening in the way of art work, but hopefully school and the burning desire to keep from working will throw me back into my old routine of no homework and lots of drawing.  Hope to see you then.
WOW! It has been FOREVER since I was on, and thats a really long time.  Well, I have alot of family visiting, so I can rarley sneak away some time on the comp, but thats ok, cause im having fun ^__^.  Sorry to all my RP buddies (all three of them >__>)  I hope that your all there and still like me when I get back, because im dying from lack or rp TT_TT.  Other then that its been pretty hectic, Im doing alot more then I usually do, not to mention that schoolworks piling up.  I've been drawing alot, But i havn't finished anything or i came out crappy and I hate it...Hate it so much >__@.  Well, i'll talk to you squares later!
I finally got like...practicly unlimited scantilation downloads @___@ Thank you Torrent.  Im downloading like crazy, but its going sooooo sloooooooow TT_TT.  Well, thats why im doing a journal, cause its sooooo slooooooooooooooow.  I have a soda, its yummy, and cold.  >_-, rawr, I be a pirate, AR!  Im happy, my friends gunna let me barrow her DDR pad and game next week, so I wont be on cause i'll be dancin', and im gunna get super kewl, then where all gunna go to the AMC and DANCE! WO0T!  Um....I really want the second peackmaker manga >__>.  Oh, YAY! My sisters coming down from washington, and were gunna celebrate christmas, so I have to get her all those cute little things i wanted to get her ><!!  Noooo moneeeey. Oh well, my mummy will pay for it and it'll be fun, YEAH!  


: There were 2 sausages in a frying pan, one rolls over to the other and says, "Wow! It sure is hot in here."  The other sausage screams, "AAH! A talking sausage!"

Im feeling kinda....blah.  I erased almost everything in my gallery, and most of whats left is now in the scraps.  I dont think i'll be attempting any more CG pictures because I just plain suck at them.  Suck like a fat man on porkchops.  But thats alright, i wont hafta worry about messing them up, and hopefully somewhere along the line i'll figure out what im doing.  Im kinda tired...dont wanna wear any more makeup...and I dont really wanna go to school in the morning, but I DO need to take a shower, cause i wrote alot of things on my arms, but im too lazy, and i dont wanna blow dry my hair because it takes too long.  I like honey....
Hey everybody! I havn't written in a long time, but now im finally doing something, so its time ti take to the keyboard once more!  I hope you all had LOVELY holidays, because frankly mine were pretty boring.  Well, Bunny's finally doing something productive, which will probably end up in a corner of my room, but it amuses me for the time being.  COMIC! Thats right, im making a comic.  Its all about re-incarnated egyptian gods fighting for the seat of power against the very slowly waking and all powerful Ra.  It has pretty boys, chibis, singing, death, betrayel, and romance.  This is a comic for girls who love boys who love boys.
I fucked up again...
I fucked up again...
Wow, I havn't done ANYTHING this week.  Thanksgiving was awsome, good food...pie, but why do people eat so early?! Three thirty I was done with my meal going what the fuck?  Bleh, I have so much crap to get done.  Presentation, blah blah blah, its boring, I dont wanna, but I have too, don't that bite?  I need Yaoi...lots of yaoi, and good yaoi, none of that crap five year olds come up with, I want a story line, and a long one, a series!!!  Maybe I should learn how to draw and do it myself TT_TT  Thats it, i'll do it myself! RAWR!
Sorry, someone spelled the title funny, and I was listening to the song.  Bunnys back online! It feels good, though I dont know why I left in the first place.  I finally updated picture, I like it though, and now im suppost to do one for my wifey Cindy, so im gunna go do that in a moment to two.  What to write?  Oh, yeah.  Turns out alot of guys like Bunny, but all the wrong ones, why is that?  I can never get the ones I want and the ones I want last of all fock towards me.  Do I have a big sign that says 'I want you?!"  I mean come on, its getting damn ridiculouse now ><!  Rawr Rawr.  Repel bunny Repel!!!
:Today was the day, finally.  I went to the hot asian guys house.  Ok, the whole thing is im suppost to be giving someone a makeover for Fashion, and as it turns out cute lil Ling is his sister, so I got to go to their house (apartment) which is really kewl and pretty old school chinese with matresses on the floor and taking your shoes off before you walk around.  We dressed her up real cute, but better then that, hot asian guy likes techno.  Now Im home, eating through a brand new pint of Ben and Jerry's cherry garcia ice-cream because I'll never be able to have him and that makes me sad.  Oh well, tonight im going to Smokas! Its this big fashion show down at the meuseum (sp TT_TT) here in pheonix, all locals and its suppost to be really awsome.  I'll be out till one in the morning enjoying all the fashion, yay for me.  Until then its ice-cream, wollowing in my own disgusting body but very comfotrable shirt and begging my muse to return while I put off homework and that book thats due at the end of the month.  Night!
I feel like I havn't been on the computer in FOREVER!  Well, its fun to be back, and im gunna go download crazy cause I dont have any good music ><! Im such a bume! Anyway, how are you all doing?  Im good.  Can't wait for halloween, my costumes almost finished and im sooooooo gunna wear it to school.  I might even take some pics and show you all (Tay's mum wants some anyway, i'll just get doubles or scan it on).  I'm so happy, there are these display windows in the hallways near the Cafateria (SP TT_TT) and in Fashion every other week someone new puts up their visual merchandising diasplay, and this week me and my friends did it :X!  Im so worried about the grade were gunna get, but I think it looks awsome.  I'll take a picture and post it on Monday cause i forgot the camera on friday, which really sucks because this one guy spilled water all over his crotch and Cody was telling me we should have had a camera, I was so sad!! Ok, sorry for the ranting but I had a cappachino earlier...or was it an expresso? I can't remember, but it had the foamy stuff and it was REALLY good.  Imma go now, bai!
Ah! So much to talk about, so little time and so little of its actually important!  Not that anyone reads this anyway, but it helps to hope ^__^.  I just spent the entire day watching Sex and the City (after ditching the PSAT's) and Im in a fabulouse mindset completely from my own character.  Wow, there really IS nothing to talk about.  Well, Im not updating, for lack of creative skills, but hopefully one too many of you like my work anyway!  Did anyone watch the last presidential debate?  I have to much to complain about! (and I only watched the last half hour!)  First of all, Bush thinks way too highly of himself, and did anyone noticed how often he waved his hands up and down, slapping the podium?  Hes like a monkey!  He might as well just whip his dick out and run around screaming!  Not to mention had three strong points to make, which he repeated in every question, resulting in failure to actually answer the question!  Kerry wasn't much better, but he certinly carries himself better then out idiot president!  Arg.  Well, don't mind me, I probably didn't even spell president right!
Well, this week has been rather intresting.  Not only was everything EXTREMELY huggy...which is odd given were all very...reserved.  No, thats not right.  Were...afraid.  There was an Anime Club started in my school, founded by some girl who reminds me of this actress from Six Feet Under and my old friend Iris.  Its intresting, but the teacher who sponsors us is a bitch, so Im not sure I like it too much.  Oh well, Only fridays, and Im sure it'll lighten up given time.  That one kid who's name I actually can't remember is determined to have me and Roxxie meat the hot asian guy, which I want to do, but, as i've mentioned, his beauty is very intimidating.  I would love nothing more then to have him model for me.  No school monday, which means more time to brood, never a good thing for me.  Hopefully Taylors mum will call me up and I'll go in for fittings for my costume, but aside from that theres nothing big planned.  Aside from that nothing.  My muse is gone, still, and im no longer in a reading phase, so theres nothing.  I simply wander around like an mind without a body, or perhaps better a body without a mind.  Well.....thats me.
Really nothing of intrest has been happening to me latley, but I felt the need to write down something incase someone out there actually read this.  In which case; HI!  Latley i've been being poked an awfull lot.  This is at fault of Pearson and A.J.'s little bother.  DAMN YOU BOTH.  Im gunna kick em in the nuts one of these days and then they'll be sorry ><!  Aside from the poking I also have no creative drive, which is a good thing for those of you who look at my chicken-scratch crap out of kindness.  I've calmed down about the Hot Asian Guy....mostly because he probably thinks im a freak and my and Roxxie are stalking him, which we arn't! He just happens to pass by a hallway we both go through to seventh hour, and we just happen to stand and wait for him to get there to swoon.  Thats not stalking!  Ahem.....I' going now.    BYE....>_______>
I've been reading this really great book latley called Memoirs of a Geisha.  Its wonderful and beautiful and inspiring all at the same time.  I hadn't known for a while the true history behind the Geisha name, and did only a short while before purchasing the book.  As an Avid fan of anything to do with the Asian cultures, (especially japanese) I truly do love this book, which allows one to view the japanese 1920's through the eyes of a child, innocent and able to say so much with so little.  In other news, this weekend, I hope to do little, because my week has been long and hard and I wish nothing more then rest and relaxation, hopefully to catch up on my sleep.
To all that have been lead to beleive that Mountain Dew is made of people, you have been lied to!!  Everyone knows Sprite is made of people, the cans even have tiny dancing people on the label!  EVIL TRICKERY! Sprite is made of people, Mountain dew is now purple. BLARG!
Perhaps It would be a good excercise to try and write something every day.  My life isn't that intresting, if you set aside the ranting, gropping and more importantly lifting up girls skirts, but the profession I've drempt of since I was ten is looking so far away right now.  I know what needs to be done to improve my skills, and I want to, but the people around me arn't willing to support that decision, and more importantly, pay for it.  There are so many things I want to do with my life, that I wish to get done within a short period of time, and I know its not going to happen, but I wish that things could come at me a little faster, just enough to let me know there going to happen.  Eventually.  I've been thinking a great deal about love being the subject of my latest essay , and perhaps it isn't such a cliche (sp).  I've loved alot of people in my life, and many of them have moved on, leaving me here to ponder in my tiny little world consisting soley of this house.  I think, perhaps, love isn't so much an emotion, as a learning experience.  We learn to love, and trust, and then we move on, and the longer we go, the more we learn, and the more open we are to new kinds of love.  But what do I know anyway?  Someone as young as I am can never know too much about love outside of family and friends because we've yet to be released into the wilds of the world where love and betrayal go hand in hand.  Its something to think on.
The third week of school and already i've learned that up until now, we've had it pretty damn easy.  Theres so much homework to do and only eight hours in the day to do it all, not to mention eating and rp (which homework is really cutting into).  I slept in this morning so now I dont know what were doing in first hour, but thats alright, it'll give me more time to work on that stupid narrative essay.  Gods only know why teachers assign these topics, they should do it on something usefull, like polotics, who do you think will win the election, that kind of shit.  Oh well.  Second hour were doing a timeline project and I have no fucking clue whats going on there.  Other then that my efforts to stalk continue.  I dont know the guys name yet, but he must let me photograph him (Im trying to branch out in different kinds of art because my muse has left me.).  Other then that my biology teachers are freaks, and I think the student teachers a chomo...why is it always the student teachers?  Bunny is now single once more.  Its hard re-adjusting too, but its actually a big load off, I dont have to worry about pissing too many people off, and I have more time to focuse on what really matters, like grades.  Wow, I never thought i'd say that, but I dont really wanna live in a box under the bridge.  Anyway, I have to go work on..homework.  Bleh.